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Norman McGraw 
Piano Instructor
(310) 672-3443

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How I Teach

I'm Norman McGraw. I've been a piano instructor/keyboard artist/composer for over thirty-five years. With my teaching method, you will learn that the rules to reading notes, chordal changes, and utilizing scales in playing songs are essentially SIMPLE.

Let me be clear. By no means am I saying you're going to be the next Oscar Peterson. But I can show you how the musical system works so that you can play the songs you like in a simple, yet professionally style.

I’m confident that I can help you because I've taught virtually every student I've had to play a song, at least in part in simple form, in the very first lesson.

But you may be thinking, "I'm too old to learn." Unless you're afflicted by senility, Alzheimer's, or some similar disease, your ability to learn these essential piano techniques doesn't diminish that appreciably as you get older.

Four Myths

Here are four major myths some believe about playing piano that discourages them from taking up the instrument:

(1) "I can't move and coordinate my fingers correctly." The fact is you coordinate your fingers every time you eat, drink, work, or play. Initially, directing your fingers to strike keys on the piano might seem unusual, but like learning to walk as a child, you will get use to it.

(2) "I can't recognize a musical pitch." Even those who feel they have no ear for music can improve with certain types of ear training exercises.

(3) "I can't play with any sense of rhythm." Like finger dexterity, you march to your internal rhythm without noticing it. You eat, speak, work, and play in rhythm. Like ear training, you can be taught to recognize it.

(4) "I can't read the notes and chordal systems at the same time." Regarding the notes, there is a combined total of only eighteen lines and spaces on the grand piano staff. Regarding chords, there are only five possible "building blocks", or patterns, upon which any chord is composed. I teach these "building blocks" so you can read or create any possible chord.

Final Notes

The key, (don't mind the pun), to accurately reading notes and chords is recognizing the musical patterns BEFORE you play. You don't read a book or a newspaper letter by letter, but rather, you understand words in groupings. So why not view notes and chords as patterns?

So how long will it take you to learn these techniques? Frankly, no one can predict that. That depends on you. I tailor my lessons for you to learn at your own pace.

I only ask that you follow two rules: (1) Try it my way. If it doesn't work, it must be my fault. (2) Laugh at my jokes. (The latter rule is the one most students find the more difficult.)

I teach students, one-on-one, young or old, beginning to advanced. I come to your home for lessons. I teach in the L.A., CA and surrounding areas, seven days a week.

For prices and more information,
contact me at: (310) 672-3443.



"We have known Norman McGraw for fifteen years and he has given both of my granddaughters and myself piano lessons. Norman has an impressive knowledge of music theory and is a wonderful musician. Norman has always provided clear explanations and examples during his lessons while maintaining a consistent level of professionalism."

Mrs. Myrna R. (Los Angeles, CA)


"I have been taking piano lessons from Norm of Amnor Music for 6 years. I was a beginning student and he has been very patient, clear and concise with his instructions. If you have any questions, just call him and he will return the call and walk you through any problems. He does not push you though the concepts and teaches at your pace. This is quite different from a college class where the teacher has to cover his/her outline by the end of the semester.

My piano class started with the characteristics of the Baroque and Classical Eras. A brief biography of each composer was given to me. This information helped me to understand how to interpret the music, not just play notes.

I am now studying Chord Theory and it will help me to rapidly identify chords while I am playing.

Norm is very professional teacher and an excellent pianist and composer. I am very fortunate to have him as my teacher because he has given me the confidence it takes to play my music"

Eleanor M. (L.A. area)


"Norman is a talented artist, a great composer and a fantastic piano teacher. He engages his students in a very creative way to not only to learn to play the piano but to develop a sense of appreciation for the history of music as well. We know him for over 10 years teaching piano and working with our family and friends. He is extremely professional in his work with a unique passion for teaching to help his students to excel in music."

-Azita F.


"We love Mr McGraw! I have 3 children who have taken lessons from Mr. McGraw. Of course all 3 are very different with different learning styles but one has a learning disability. I was very impressed with how Mr. McGraw was able to tailor each lesson to each of my 3 children. He moves along at their pace and works with their different personalities as well. He is very good with children and makes the lessons enjoyable. I also love how flexible he has been with our ever changing schedules. He has been our piano instructor for over 3 years now and we would recommend him to any and all."

Catherin G.


"Both of our sons have taken piano lessons from Norm, and one is currently taking lessons. Not only does he teach them fun songs and practically anything they would like to learn, but he teaches music theory, composers and history. He is EXTREMELY knowledgeable and experienced in the field of music and education. Norm is a fine teacher and has become a dear friend to us over the last 12 years."

Carol E.


Norman McGraw